Selling a Business

our Process

Step 1

Fill out the form below. Provide us with a brief description of your business, contact information and your goals/ plans. A member of our team will reach out and examine the details and what is needed from you to accomplish the next steps in the process.

Step 2

Conduct a business valuation and/or a BPO (broker's price opinion). This is will determine the proper price point to market the business and identify the specific markets that possess the greatest opportunity for a sale.

Step 3

Determine if now is the proper time to sell. Depending on your specific situation we can determine the best course of action to take on whether to begin the selling process now or if time and situations allow, begin to implement growth strategies to sell at a later date allowing you, as the owner, to increase the return on your business. 

Step 4

We create a complete business package customized to your business and begin marketing. We produce extensive exposure to the broadest market place coupled with identifying a specific target audience to produce the highest number of leads. Please note we have extensive lists of potential buyers that range the globe consisting of entrepreneurs, investors, and private equity firms. 

Step 5

We conduct a buyer screening: This screening allows us to determine if the buyer is financially qualified to be able to purchase your business. First, we determine what type of buyer are they. Examples include owner/ operator, absentee owner, investor, a private equity firm, or strategic buyer. Then we xecute a confidential non-disclosure agreement. Once signed and received, the business package is released for the buyer's review.

Step 6

We draft contract formation and/or letter of intent, placing terms and outlines in writing. This is the period in which the onset of the transaction is set in motion, followed by the due diligence period where we identify specific points of friction throughout the entire business model.

Step 7

We then begin negotiating terms by identifying the give and take of each party regarding all matters, isolating these issues to facilitate and finalize a win-win situation for all involved.

Step 8

The final step is closing which ensures all advisors are solidified in each portion of the transaction in order to hand over the business to the new owner.